1. Advertising on Course Scorecards

    Printing scorecards is an important step when setting up a round of golf. Most scorecards feature yardage, handicap and par information for each hole alongside an illustration of the hole layout. A map of the entire course is located in every scorecard to assist golfers in navigating and planning their shots, along with the rules and contact information.


    But not only do the scorecards need to have the correct information that suits the needs of the golf course, but they also need to be presentable and visually appealing.

    Advertisers featured on scorecards get constant attention from players not only during their round of golf, but also after the game, since these cards are usually taken back to

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  2. Golf Health Benefits

    The benefits of playing golf are reflected in the body and impacts the mind. One of the main advantages of golf is that it demands low physical activity, and beyond concentration and aim, the requirements to play are the will to walk and socialize.

    Golf has a very low rate of injuries, which, if they occur, is due to sudden movements or lack of warming. Therefore, this sport is recommended for all ages, especially for those over 65 or patients who need recovery from neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, Alzheimer, Parkinson etc.

    Golf impact on health

    The practice of this sport helps extend life. It reduces the risks of fractures and diabetes.

    This outdoors practice helps you oxygenate the blood; it also enhances the synthesis of vitamin D, allowing control of body weight. It also helps increase good cholesterol and improves blood pressure levels a

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